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School visits

An introductory word from Pete:

I’m sure I must visit more schools during the academic year than most authors would ever believe…at least three schools every week…sometimes four or five!

So why visit so many? Simple…I love it! And so does my wife, Kath! The reaction of the children and staff to our visits never fails to amaze us…it’s what drives us on and provides the incentive for me to keep on writing.

Hard work? Yes! But worth it? Absolutely! How long will we keep going? Until we drop! If Cliff Richards can keep on going, then so can we…’

Inspirational School Visits:

Peter is one of the most sought after children’s authors…especially from those schools who have already experienced his visits. During the course of an academic year he will visit around 100 schools and meet with over 30000 children. His visits are spreading globally…working increasingly in the Middle East and the US.

His presentations are highly interactive, dynamic and great fun for everyone. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious; they leave an impression on both children and adults.

After his school visits he receives hundreds of e-mails, pictures and poems from children inspired to become writers themselves…from those who want to suggest new storylines or report their reaction to the books…from those who simply want to chat to their favourite author.

Letters from parents and teachers are a great testament to Peter’s work in schools:

‘You are truly an inspiration to these students and I cannot thank you enough.’ Meadows Community School, Chesterfield
‘…Inspirational, creative and life-changing.’ Tidbury Green School
‘Many thanks for your latest visit to George Watson College. As expected the morning was hugely successful and the children in P6 are now reading avidly. As with previous visits I have had so many comments from pupils, staff and parents telling me how much they enjoyed your visit.’ George Watson College, Edinburgh
‘Peter’s talk to the children had a great impact upon the school and all of the staff noted the subsequent increase in pupil’s reading. Staff who don’t generally sit through author sessions felt compelled to stay to the end.’ Liverpool College, Liverpool
‘Dear Pete…please get in touch. I’m a Head Teacher at a school in Chesterfield and have seen you at three of my previous schools. Just tell me when you can fit us in…we will go with whatever date you have available!’ Chesterfield Head Teacher
‘I can’t remember when so many children sat so still for so long, hanging on every word!’ Anston Greenlands Primary School, Sheffield
‘Thank you so much for inspiring our son. We always felt he had the interest in literacy, but his dyspraxia got in the way. Until you came along! You have inspired him to show us all what he has within…thank you! ’ Grateful parents.
‘Thank you so much, Mr Murray, for inspiring my dyslexic son. I read your first Mokee Joe book to him. I read the second Mokee Joe book with him. He read the third and final Mokee Joe book all by himself. How amazing is that! ’ Grateful mother.

Age Group:

Most of Peter’s visits are to Primary Schools, Junior Schools and Preparatory Schools. But he is working increasingly with Year 7’s and 8’s in Comprehensive Schools and Colleges.

Audience Size:

Peter prefers big audiences. In his words, ‘The bigger the audience, the bigger the ‘buzz’!’ A typical audience is a two-form entry Primary School of around 240 pupils, or a Year 7 audience of around 300 pupils in a college or Comprehensive School. Bigger audiences of up to 500 pupils are fine, but this usually necessitates the use of a lapel mike. Audiences above 500 are better split into two performances so as not to lose the intimacy of the presentation.

Length of Presentation:

Typically a half-day, morning or afternoon. Around two hours with a break or sometimes an hour and a half straight through. Location: Assembly Halls or any large space. Gymnasiums can be a bit soul-less! Peter prefers the children seated on the floor…they never get bored or uncomfortable…or in the case of older children who inevitably insist on seats, then it’s best if Pete has a stage or raised area so they can all see him (and he can see them!). School theatres and raised seating are ideal. Peter brings most of the equipment he needs, just occasionally asking the school to provide a CD player or sound system.

Book signings:

Always a valuable experience for the pupils. (Pete always donates a set of books and a poster for the school library in consideration of those pupils who cannot afford to buy a book of their own). Book signings are generally carried out the day following the presentation giving the children and parents a chance discuss the books and decide their requirements. Pete will bring a letter/information sheet for the pupils to take home after the presentation. Schools are asked to photocopy the sheet and are welcome to amend it/edit it to their specific requirements if they so wish.

For further details about booking Peter for a visit to your school please call Mrs K M Murray on +44(0)7888668982 or use the contact form on this web site. Thanks.