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KruschmeisterBy Peter J Murray (Paperback 176 Pages)

Kruschmeister book cover

When Zak Freeman’s family move to Rotherstoke, he makes two new school pals, Lizzie and Rehan, who are passionate about football. They take Zak to their secret practice place – the old abandoned Millerbrook Stadium. But a sinister fiend lurks there. Now Zak must take on his second demon and face up to the most horrific football player of all time…The Kruschmeister! FREE DOWNLOAD OFFER DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PERIOD.


Mokee Joe Is Coming - Book 1 by Peter J. Murray (Paperback - 160 pages)

Mokee joe - 1

Nowhere is safe! When Hudson receives the weird message Mokee Joe Is Coming, his life turns into a nightmare. Who is Mokee Joe? And what has Hudson done to make him so mad? There’s only one course of action – Hudson must destroy this monster before it destroys him!

'Spooky, heart-thumping stuff!' -- The Observer

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Bonebreaker - Book 1by Peter J Murray (Paperback - 224 pages)

Bonebreaker book cover

First book in the 'Bonebreaker' trilogy. A holiday with his friend’s family seems like the perfect opportunity for Billy to forget about the creepy things that have been happening at home. But when the sinister incidents become worse, he discovers a past history that he never knew he had is catching up with him… As well as whatever is haunting him…


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Mokee Joe Recharged - Book 2 by Peter J Murray (Paperback - 192 pages)

Mokee Joe 2 book cover

Second book in the 'Mokee Joe' series...Nowhere is safe…Mokee Joe is back and he is stronger than ever. He is determined to finish what he has been programmed to do – destroy Hudson. As the nightmare returns – Hudson has to fight for his life in an epic battle of strength and skill!


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Dawn Demons - Book 2by Peter J Murray (Paperback - 176 pages)

Dawn Demons: Bk. 2

Second book in the 'Bonebreaker' series. It was meant to be an ordinary holiday at the seaside, but strange occurences seem to follow Billy wherever he goes. Something sinister is bringing havoc to his Aunt Emily's little seaside town and terrorising the residents...something that only appears at dawn! Unfortunately for Billy, it soon becomes clear that he is the only one with the power to stop it - but not without the help of his best friend...

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Mokee Joe The Doomsday Trail - Book 3 by Peter J Murray (Paperback - 192 pages)

Mokee Joe 3

Third book in the Mokee Joe series...Hudson has returned to earth – but so has Mokee Joe! The battle takes a new and deadly twist. Can Hudson finally defeat the monster before Mokee Joe’s strength reaches doomsday proportions and he destroys the world?

'Ideal for 9-12 year olds who aren't afraid of the dark' The Scottish Sunday Herald


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Moonwailer - Book 3by Peter J Murray (Paperback - 176 pages)


Third book in the 'Bonebreaker' trilogy. Billy Hardacre is so excited to be part of the Year 7 school trip to the Yorkshire Dales. Surely this time, nothing can go wrong! But from the minute the school party arrives amid the dramatic limestone scenery, Billy and his best friend, Callum, find themselves embroiled in a nightmare world of legend and superstition. Yet again, Billy must use his hidden talents to face his demon...

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Mokee Joe, Mutant Resurrection - Book 4By Peter J Murray (Paperback 248 Pages)

Mokee Joe - Mutant Resurrection book cover

Fourth book in the Mokee Joe series...Mokee Joe has been rescued from deep space. He’s mutated and more terrifying than ever. Hudson must travel to New York to face his old enemy and seek out the mysterious villain behind Mokee Joe’s resurrection.

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ScabbaJackBy Peter J Murray (Paperback 192 Pages) - released 1st June

ScabbaJack book cover

Peter J Murray's 7th book!

Zak Freeman has a wild imagination and loves writing spooky stories. But when his family move into an old house, a ghostly boy appears with a spooky tale of his own…and it’s true! Zak travels back into a nightmare world of horror and cruelty determined to change the boy’s story to one with a happy ending, but will he survive in finding justice for his new-found friend?

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Mokee Joe, Swamp Warrior - Book 5By Peter J Murray (Paperback 176 Pages)

Mokee Joe - Swamp Warrior book cover

Fifth book in the Mokee Joe series...Princess Pi is still alive and has been summoned by the Queen. Drawn to the vibrant city of New Orleans, Hudson, Molly and Ash fi nd themselves embroiled in a nightmare world of ‘old magic’ as Hudson tries to save the world from the awesome powers of his enemies…including an army of zombie swamp warriors led by the most fearsome enemy of all… Mokee Joe!

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Ten O'Clock CallerBy Peter J Murray (Paperback 172 Pages)

Ten O'Clock Caller

Ten O’Clock Caller is the final of ten seriously scary stories designed to thrill and chill readers both young and old. Peter J Murray uses puppets, clowns, demon trees and a whole host of other scary subjects to create suspense and intrigue in his creepy tales.

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Mokee Joe Scourge of the Emirates - Book 6By Peter J Murray (Paperback 194 Pages)

Mokee Joe - Scourge of the Emirates book cover

It seems Mokee Joe is destined to travel the world to seek out and destroy Hudson Brown. Following recent events in New Orleans, Mokee Joe is back in pursuit of his target and is holed up in a crate on board a cargo plane destined for the UK. However, a sinister twist of fate takes Mokee Joe to Dubai. Fate, as usual, means Hudson must come out to face his enemy yet again. Dubai had better brace itself!

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Poppy WarriorBy Peter J Murray (Hardcover 160 Pages)

Poppy Warrior book cover

The ghostly silhouette of a soldier standing among poppies edging the school car park and hollow sounding footsteps in the school corridors...just the start of a series of spooky events to befall Josh Palmer at his new school. He must stand brave alongside his supportive twin sister, Jess. Killing the enemy in a computer game may be one thing, but facing the real life horror of trench warfare in World War 1 may well be another! It seems that eleven-year-old Josh Palmer is about to discover the truth!

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