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Peter J Murray

Peter J Murray writes books for 7-13 year olds, but his spooky scary stories are also popular with older children and adults who enjoy children’s literature. His debut novel, Mokee Joe is Coming!, was winner of the ‘Sheffield Children’s Book Award’ in the shorter novels category. Bonebreaker was voted as the ‘Bedfordshire Children’s Book of the Year' and Scabbajack, Peter’s seventh book, won the ‘Stockton Children’s Book Award’.

Peter believes in bringing his stories to life by using realistic settings and basing them on historical facts. As one child-reviewer said of Mokee Joe – ‘Peter J Murray’s stories are pure fantasy, but totally believable!'

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Explore author Peter J Murray's books and embark on an enchanting journey through his thrilling and imaginative stories.

School Visits

The author is passionate in his quest to promote literacy in schools and to inspire even the least confident children to use their imagination in achieving creative success. For most of the academic year he and his wife (Kath) are guaranteed to be found in schools surrounded by smiling and excited children.

To quote Peter: ‘The energy and enthusiasm of children provide the driving force for me to keep on writing. They are my inspiration as much as I hope I am theirs.’

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Author Peter J Murray school visits Author Peter J Murray school visits

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What Fans Say...

Happy Parent

"The author visited my son's school and gave tantalising insights into these books. He really captured their imagination and my son (a reluctant reader) begged me to get Scabbajack. Not only did he read every single page himself and love it, he persuaded me to read it too. I have just finished it and what an incredible read! It's a great way to introduce children to horror!"

His Books Supported Me

"I recently came across my collection of Peter J Murray’s books sitting proudly on my bookshelf. I'm now reading them all over again! When I was at school I went through a period of depression and have a vivid recollection of reading PJM’s stories to ‘escape’ into a thrilling and adventurous world of fantasy. Those books helped me so much and I will always be grateful to him. Keep up the good work!"

Hooked on Mokee

"Bought these books after Peter J Murray visited our school. I loved the concept of the Mokee Joe stories; he is a very clever and inspiring author. Our children who are not that interested in reading have been inspired to read these books, especially our reluctant boys. As an adult, I am also hooked. A must read!"

Goodreads Website

"Peter J Murray’s remarkable ability to capture the imagination of young people, engaging the most reluctant readers with his tales of spooky happenings, has led to fan mail from students who remember his presentations from ten years ago or more, and are now off to university, some writing books of their own."