Fun stuff

Fun Stuff

Author Peter J Murray is passionate about promoting literacy in children. Recognising the transformative power of reading, he has made available a range of engaging and educational support materials to complement his books.

These materials aim to enrich the reading experience for young readers, igniting their curiosity and passion for reading by creating an engaging and enjoyable journey.

Isle of Wight map download

Isle of Wight Map

This map, by our great artist Paul Bryn Davies, shows each of the locations for the twelve spooky stories set around the island. A great reference when reading 'The Darker Side of Wight'.

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School activity pack download

School Activity Pack

The school activity pack is designed to accompany the KRUSCHMEISTER book! It is filled with a range of engaging exercises that will challenge and inspire children to develop your writing abilities. Download a free copy of the activity pack and unleash your writing potential!! - PJM

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Kruschmeister book download


I have made available one of my most popular spooky books called KRUSCHMEISTER. The best news is that is is completely FREE to download. It's a football-based book, but will appeal to readers of all ages whether they like football or not. As one girl recently said to me, 'As long as it's scary then I'm up for it!' And believe me, KRUSCHMEISTER is 'super scary'!! So what are you waiting for?? - PJM

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